Volo Bog Family Portraits

A family portrait photography session at Volo Bog, in Volo, Illinois.


When I showed up to Volo Bog to photograph these two, I didn’t know how special these photographs were going to be to who they were going to be given to. Lauren pulled out the boots, explained they were their Fathers, and then informed me he’d been shot on duty. Of course, I gave them the attention they deserved and made sure the shots I took would be hanging on their wall perhaps. I know this was important to them, and I didn’t want to let them down. 

The last few years have been hard politically, in regards to shootings. I have teetered from side to side to understand the middle point. My point of view these days is everyone has a risk in the line of a firearm. Some choose to put themselves there, like their Father, in order to protect others. I respected these two greatly for honoring their Father like so. I even read that Lauren has continued her Fathers legacy by continuing his work with the community to support officers and veterans. Which is incredibly admirable. 

Enjoy these images. Thank you for shooting with me Lauren and Josh. R.I.P Dwight.