I'm Ezlan



I was just sixteen years old when I realized I wanted to join my best friends in Kenya for documentation of the local water resources for the government. I raised all this money doing portrait sessions for my classmates graduating and their families. I would go on to attend a Maasai wedding, witness Kenya's first constitutional vote, and found myself in middle of the Great Migration of wildebeests in the Maasai Mara. This experience kickstarted a long career of taking on what others might call high stress gigs.

Nowadays, I've found myself nestled in between Chicago and the West Coast photographing weddings. I'm passionate about curating ideal coverage, I rather enjoy witnessing joy and love in my life. I've transformed my passion for photographing pure emotions into a luxury wedding experience. And I've found a passion in working with the queer community. I'm dedicated to infusing meaning into my photographs. And capturing moments others miss. I'm normally extremely present during my wedding days.

a glimpse behind the camera

My roots in photography go back generations. Starting with my great Uncle and ending with me. 


My travels


I'm a Gemini Sun and Moon. Pisces Rising. My age reflects how long I've lived but not how wise I am. I have a lot of life experience. Ask me about my beginnings in photography!

I've traveled to almost every part of this country outside of Hawaii or Alaska. As far as leaving the country, I have been to London, Wales, Nairobi, and Toronto. 

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Sabrina Carpenter

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Good Luck, Babe!

Megan Thee Stallion

My hobbies

Growing plants, writing my end of the world anthology, lucid dreaming, traveling, mindful coffee drinking, cannabis, reading.


Gut health, skin care, politics, collecting plants like pokemon, and AI technology.

My core values

I'm not here to blow smoke, you really are unique. All my clients are. I'm not here to treat you all "the same" so much as here to recognize all the parts of yourself that you want seen. Heck, sometimes I'll even help folks find some words for who they are and how they feel. It's about connection for me. I am creating artwork representing an important day. If you don't feel comforted and seen, I'm not doing my best job. 



I'm someone who sees the little things happening in the background of your day. Things you might not notice otherwise, staging some items for that luxury catalog feel and leaving other parts for a more natural capture. Whether it's your watch and rings or your dresses all lines up, I'll get those details or my team will. Nothing goes undocumented when we're on the location.



Lean into the intimacy and feel those emotions around our team. We are versed in the emotional coaster it can be on any given day. We love to see real tears, smiles, and laughter.  I'll be there to guide you through moments to invoke these emotions.