Every body is worthy of being documented.

relax, you can be your awkward self around me.

Being photographed is an intimate affair. We can admit being in front of the camera can be unnerving for some of us. Fortunately for you, I'm a seasoned veteran in weird. My portrait sessions are all about enhancing what you already have going on. My customized approach to portraiture and branding will leave you feeling seen, represented, and involved.

We will work together on this project, with me as your art director and photographer. I'll help you find location(s), style yourself, and we'll be creating a mood board together so I know what your envisioning. I'll be there to provide insights into making this process easy and low stress. And all with the touch of a sliding scale payment system. You'll be met where you're at!


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My artwork is really special to a lot of different people. There goes a lot more into the experience leading up to the day than the actual day will entail. I'm aware most people need some counseling on posing, lingerie/outfits, makeup/hair, nails, and skin treatments. 

Luckily, I'm filled with all this knowledge and spend ample time discussing your options for any concern arising during this process. I've done this for longer than I'd like to say out loud, but trust me when I say this is a process I've put years of my life into creating. 

My ultimate goal is to leave you with artwork you will have core memories attached to making with me. I'm hoping also, you'll want to document yourself more often. After all, it's just one life.

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schedule a call

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Your branding is the first thing people notice when they interact with your business. It's important to make sure the imagery, copywriting, and presentation of your services feels modern and creative. 

My artwork is for brands looking to cater themselves towards an editorial experience. I'll work with a representative from your team to plan the location, color scheme, and mood board for these unique photographs. 

You'll work with me closely to define what matters most to your audience and find specific ways to utilize the photographs beyond social media sharing. 

We're all busy navigating our careers but when was the last time you updated your headshots with a professional photographer? Updating your headshots is a great way to tell the world you are on top of things and here to stay. Make a lasting impression with my artwork handy. 


Groups larger than three will be given a customized quote accounting for the mass of subjects given. Small businesses will be given a detailed proposal.



Elegant + diffused + MODERN