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Queer Chicago Cultural Center Elopement

PART ONE: The Chicago Cultural Center

Aby and Lexie have impeccable style and fashion sense. The two of them clearly put a lot of effort into their wedding day wardrobe. From head to toe, the two brought minimalist but modern style to a space that was built over a hundred years ago. You find throughout this set the emotions are subtle, fluttering, and romantic. Our mood board for this was composed of inspiration in older buildings and the two enjoyed the Chicago Cultural Center for its elegant domes (you’ll be seeing the Tiffany glass dome in this set) and this stunning entrance way by the staircase. Something about this place just feels like home. It is one of my favorite locations to bring engaged or married couples as well as folks making commitments to their partners.

There is magic in these, if you really envision yourself in that moment with them. You feel this breeze rush over your skin, and the hairs on your arm raise just a little. Authenticity and connection are a focus of mine when working with any relationship. When I’m looking through my camera, I’m thinking about a million things that all add up to these frames. As you look, take a moment to linger on the ones you find drawing you in. Ask yourself why you are drawn, what it means to you.

If you’re queer, what does wedding photography mean to you? Have you ever thought about how less than ten years back now we have had same sex marriage legalized? Part of our identity is in our fight for what is right and our rights in general. The right to marry was something that took eons for us to receive. The blood, sweat, and tears brought us to these tender, intimate moments you see in my portfolio. Always remember that.

Their story is untold in this blog but you can still see so much of who they are in these. Please enjoy this first blog set and stick around for the rest at our second location; Garfield Conservatory.





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