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Chicago Art Institute Queer Engagement Session

The Chicago Art Institute is a spectacular backdrop for some unique editorial like photographs. I’ve been there many times in my life and grew up walking around the space. It can be a hit or miss with the crowds. As most engagement clients are looking for this location, some might not find the crowding on a weekend to be very sensory friendly. It can get loud and congested at points. There are lots of people walking around and witnessing your session too. If you’re queer, be aware some folks might take it upon themselves to photograph you even. I was not having any of that during our session, though. It took one dirty look and a quick “Sir, please get out of here” for my to get back to my artwork and my clients intimate moments.

The building is filled with historical architecture. My favorite spot was the room with the marble pillars decorating the length of it. It made for some ethereal captures of my clients interacting with one another on the bench in front of the display. It was a grand time inside.

Being outside, we were sad to find the Gardens were closed for the year. This didn’t stop us from getting some beautiful portraits outside of the area nearby some orange colored foliage. Facing the Gardens, it would be on the right side by the fence. We stationed ourselves in this space and I gave my couple some loose instructions on how to walk together and interact naturally. Most of my posing is movement based, you’ll find this is especially nice if you’re someone who doesn’t want to feel static or awkwardly posed. And heck, sometimes awkward posing is cool. It just depends on who you are as a couple and our mood board collaboration.

Overall, you’ll find this space to be diverse and interesting to pose your couple around. If you’re the couple, you’ll want to be ready for the crowds and communicate your PDA comfort levels in public spaces. I’m generally checking in from time to time to see if folks need a minute to breath. That always eases their worries about performing in the moment!

This is Aves and Lex. The two are closing their eyes and connecting heads while smiling quietly. Lex has a big gold and green hair club and origami earings. Aves has a series of elegant pearls on their ears.

Sitting by the window, the Aves and Lex passionately kiss. They wear jumpsuits, Aves is cream colored and Lex wheres a cross stitched pattern with an overall top. Aves top is more formal, yet very elegant and modern. The both wear various jewelry and snappy shoes.

The two place their ring hands onto Aves knee. Both rings are made with emerald stones.

The two sit on a bench in front of an exhibit of sculptures.

In front of an exhibit, the two outstretch their arms to hold hangs and smile at each other.

Lex and Aves sit on the stairs in the Art Institute and share a moment while the space is empty.

A slowed down shot of the couple standing on the staircase, people cross by them and blurr in the photograph. This shot is turned Black and white.

The two are framed to the side of the image kissing by the stairwell.

Aves pushes Lex against the stairwell for a romantic kiss.

Standing in front of an exhibit, the two put their hands together and bring their foreheads together. They close their eyes and smile.A close up of the two kissing passionately by the staircase.


The couple faces one another and dance in the middle of the crowded museum doorway.

The two sit on a bench with repeating windows in the background. The light falls onto Lex's face staring at Aves.

The two stand facing the windows of the museum, Aves is smiling so hard their nose crinkles a bit and their brow furrows.

A close up shot of Lex's gold and emerald ring.

A grand room of columns and pillars with the couple sitting in the middle on the bench holding one another.

They sit on the bench in front of the long rows of columns. Lex is kissing Aves on the cheek.

They face each other in front of a grand room of white marble pillars. They connect hands and stare at one another.

The two face each other in front of the bench.

Aves and Lex put their heads together and close their eyes. They hold hands on Lex's chest.

Aves and Lex connect hands and face the window for some quiet giggles and nose crunching smiles.

In front of a wall discussing feminism, the two hold one hand up to their eye and look into the camera under harsh over lighting.

The two bring their flowers to the front and Aves wraps their arm around Lex for a romantic kiss.

Both close their eyes and connect their foreheads for a quiet moment together. Aves runs their fingers through Lex's hair.

Lex and Aves face the camera, Lex gives Aves a kiss on the cheek.

Side angle shot of them touching noses and hugging each other tightly.

They lift their bouquets in the air and cheer for their engagement!

Aves and Lex hold hands with their bodys side by side. They lean in for a kiss, they are all smiles.

With the fence in the foreground, the two are framed on the right side with Lex kissing Aves.

The two of them sit on the side of the South Gardens and snuggle into one another.

They both sit together, Aves hand is on Lex's thigh. They smile grandly at each other and soak in this moment.

Lex rests their head onto Aves shoulder. Aves looks at the camera and smiles gently.

Lex and Aves face each other and smile warmly before they kiss


Can you see yourself in these photographs? Do you admire fine art elegant photography? Why not inquire and see what working together looks like.

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