Trust me, you'll want the help. Building your own album can be time consuming, frustrating, and tedious. Even with third party sites creating auto templates, it just doesn't feel as meaningful as hand crafted albums. 

This is what brought me to the decision to invest in developing a full proof album design and delivery system. Through collaboration, feedback, and attention to detail; I'm able to manage the entire process so you don't have to. 

& Albums


Custom Sizing




Silver halide printing, archival quality materials, and hand crafted binding. 


We'll work together to create a narrative in your album that makes sense. 


Embossing, cameos, blank pages, pages with lines for writing in your own words. You'll be given the chance to customize your album to best coordinate with your home aesthetics. 

preserve your memories outside of the digital realm

This is your VISUAL legacy












phone consultation

In this call we get to talk about all your options at hand, go over the monthly investment process, and put together a lose plan of action for creating our favorites lists.

custom proposal

There are a number of options for you to print with us. I'll put together a custom proposal to outline these options in full. Your proposal also acts as a contract and invoice. It's a pretty straight forward digital document made to make things easier for you during this part of the process.

Your last round of revisions will occur once you submit your final feedback. Once done, you'll either approve of your finished design or invest in another round of revision. 

Once approved, we'll send to print and wait about two to three weeks for it to arrive to me for quality inspection. 

After I finish approving of the quality, I'll ship it to your home and you can finally witness the greatness of your very own album!

design round 1

design round 2

final feedback

final revisions

send to print

delivery day!

You'll gather your favorite images, I'll gather mine, and together we'll create a narrative design layout for your album. I'll upload this design to an online proofing gallery where you'll give me the feedback I need for the first revision round. 


Your first round of feedback is where you want to provide detailed instructions on how to swap out what photographs for what. Your final gallery has image names, you can report which images you'd replace in the layout via the comment box to the side of your window.  

Your second design round is dedicated to revise your album layout with the first round of feedback in mind. I'll replace existing design photographs with your desired photographs. And once I'm done I'll publish the second design for final proofing. 

Once finished, you'll receive an invitation to provide feedback one last time on the album layout before we send it to print. Now would be the time to make your final choices in layout design and image swap outs.

Only established clients are allowed to access these services. First we'll get to know your album needs. How many are you hoping for? One for you two, but what about parents? You'll want to start thinking about this before our consultation.



How can we Pay for our album?

When you receive your proposal, your total investment will be split into 3-6 monthly payments. There will be a minimum of 50% due prior to the ordering of your final album. 

Embossing is available on certain cover fabrics, be sure to confirm with Ezlan before selecting your fabric type. See examples of offered embossing options here.

Can we get our names on the cover?

What kind of cover fabrics are offered? 

There are a number of ways to preserve your album. I've written an entire blog about how to get the best out of your album and preserve its quality. 

How do we take care of our album?

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