As the owner, my job is to meet each couple and earnestly connect. If I don't earnestly care for the folks I'm working with, I'm not doing my job justice.

Working with my team involves lots of communication prior to your day and ample time together on it. We want to ensure we are catering to your needs as people and centering your comfort. My joy is capturing sentimentality, culturally significant moments, and celebrating all identities involved. When you're collaborating with me and my team, we're most focused on creating some meaningful artwork for your family. 


My team and I will always show up to your wedding day ready for the challenges that may come. I have a lifetime of personal experience and ten years of business experience working alongside folks to create meaningful photographs. 

We take our job with the upmost sincerity and give our best to each clients big day. You can expect a team that is understanding of who you two are, but also work well with your guests and loved ones. We make sure to ask plenty of questions about you and your plans to ensure things run smoothly the entire time we're there with you.


this small business is...

actively anti-racist

queer owned

travel friendly

sliding scale

established 2010

located in Chicago

That's me below
I'm Ezlan (they/them)

Getting to know me is pretty easy when you consider my neurodivergent tendency to overshare. A large part of me wants others around me to feel comfort and belonging at all times. I've shaped most of my life around offering unique experiences to others. Things that change their awareness of life.

One of those things is photography. With this gift of talent I can communicate all the important things to me with the press of my shutter. Photography is expression for me. It's a way for me to communicate these intense feelings I have for the world around me. Sharing my perception of love with others via my photography is something I take deep pride in doing.

In that same sentiment, your photographs are not just something I'm mass producing for anyone and everyone. My clients are vetted for compatibility and I'm anti-hustle culture so I don't focus on larger volumes of work. 

I've been living and breathing photography most of my life. Not everyone needs such a high caliber photographer for their event, but should you be someone who does you'll find I'm amongst the most experienced in the states. 

Whether you're coordinating a production style event, hosting a backyard event, or keeping it classic Chicago---my team and I blend into spaces with relative ease and comfort. We're almost always happy to be sent somewhere new and beautiful as well.

meet loren

This is Loren (they/them). Loren is my luxury level second photographer this year. They are a phenomenal artist and planner located in Seattle. Upon availability they will find themselves between Chicago, Seattle, and California for luxury wedding events. 

Loren started doing wedding photography professionally in 2017 but has been working in the industry for nearly a decade as a planner as well. They thrive in environments that center safety and comfort. Their approach to planning weddings and photographing them is very documentary and hands off in all the right ways. When guidance is needed, it is there. And in the spirit of not "shoulding" on yourself, they encourage folks to enjoy their day authentically without external pressures controlling the outcome.


Pricing is customized to make things easy.

In the spirit of operating under some sort of ethical capitalist society my pricing is set at a rate that enables me to tuck away the energy to provide sliding scale coverage for marginalized couples living with class, race, disability, sexuality, citizenship, and gender. People living with many of these marginalizations tend to find themselves at a larger disadvantage in workplace discrimination, making employment loss another barrier for some folks in love. 

Our pricing menu is available upon request. The average couple will spend a combined $8-$10K on coverage and $4-$10K on product.
All collections include web resolution digitals, complimentary album design, and in person sales assistance.

For all other types of photography there is a general $1250/hr sitting fee for hour long boudoir and portrait sessions. If the form below doesn't yield a response please contact me directly via