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Let's be real for a second, shall we?
The process of planning a wedding and being captured in your true light requires someone with a proven approach.

While some businesses might be gaining their footing and learning their process, those on our team have already perfected approaches to each unique day of celebration. We are queer affirming, we are trauma educated, and comfort focused in our documentary portfolio.

Our approaches offer you an experience that is consistent, guiding, hands on, and personalized to your needs as individuals. We want everyone involved to feel seen and heard from start to end. You might find our team is perfect for your day after learning some more, until then let's get introduced?

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my name is ezlan

While some photographers might put on mask while serving their clients, I'm someone who works mask off. Part of hiring me and my team is being understanding of several different things at play in their lives. 

For myself, I'm disabled. Dynamically disabled. I'm not someone who can do adventure elopements or hike miles with my friends for fun. Most of my life is about accessibility and accommodation. Which is how I'll tend to serve all my clients. Many wonder why so many feel seen and comforted by my presence but rarely do we recognize that is merely the results of rolling with a disabled vendor. 

We see things rather differently than other vendors. Being accessible as a vendor is a desperately needed facet in serving the public getting married. I'm not someone who will hike three miles with you in an hour of time but I can promise you the artwork I'm producing is not just pretty but also quite meaningful. 

This being said, it's lovely to virtually meet you. You can read more about what makes me tick on the blog.


Of course! We want you to feel loved those first few days after everything settles down in life. We aim to send out a full day mini gallery by one week post date. We'll even edit a few selects for your announcement if you want to request that!

When is the best time to reach out?

Do we get a print release?

Do you travel for weddings and portraits? 

I'd say right now! We book out as far as three years for some celebrations. We're sharing our calendar with two cities this year, too, so the sooner you reach out the better!

Our home base is in Chicago but we are offering services to the PNW (Portland/Seattle) as of this year. If you're planning an elopement in Oregon, let's chat.  

Print releases may be purchased before or after your celebration. After your celebration, we'll schedule a one on one consult to start the process of completing your print and album order. 

Do we get sneak peeks?