• Mood Board collaboration 
  • Conceptual narrative planning 
  • Direction based posing 
  • timeline planning 
  • Vendor referrals (video/HMUA)

It's important to document all the stages of your love when you're with someone truly special. Photographs are cherished memories we wish we had more of later in life. Keeping a visual legacy means starting with capturing your love in its current state. Engaged or not, these photographs are a way to show the world you are proud of your love.

Couples & engagements



+ 60 Minutes of Photography 
+ 1 Location (travel fee may apply)
+ 1-2 Outfits
+ At least 55+ photographs 

+ Up to 120 Minutes of Photography 
+ 2 Locations 
+ 2-3 Outfits
+ At least 100+ photographs

Sensory accommodations

ample planning to ensure joy

awareness of comfort levels

sit back, have fun,
& feel comfort

Posing doesn't have to be anxiety inducing. When you're in front of my camera, you'll be given directions and interactions to have honest moments. No stagnant, awkward posing. Just real moments with your beloved. 










phone consultation

We'll find time to chat about your ideas on the phone. I'll draft your proposal within five days.


In order to get booked in our calendar, you'll need to complete your proposal first. This means selecting your items, signing your contract, and making your first payment.


We'll work together to find ideal locations that go with your personalities. I'll advise you on a Pinterest board, outfits, and mood. We'll have a call the week before to ensure everyone is on the same page.

session day

gallery delivery

gallery delivery

When the day comes, we'll be totally prepared and excited to photograph. We'll arrive early to our location just in case we need that buffer time. We'll take our time enjoying each part of the session and create some real artwork of you two living in that state of love.

In about 4 weeks tops, I'll send you your gallery. You'll get sneak peeks too but your full gallery will take about that time. I'll check in on you one week out to see how things are going!

I'll let you two soak up the joy from seeing your photographs and gather yourselves before getting some more information about how things went! You'll tell me what we did right, what needs work, and what services you're interesting in discussing further from here.

Get in touch with me about you ideas and photography needs! Bundling engagement sessions is ideal for those also in search of your wedding photographer.



how do I book a session?

You just need to get in touch! We can schedule a call to go over your locations, plans, and styling ideas. From there we'll get you a custom proposal to fully book.

I would encourage folks to book these sessions right after they get engaged. It is fine to wait for the ideal season, but the feelings of being engaged can wear off.

how far in advance should we book?

do you provide ALL images?

Yes! We don't hold back on anything but the not so artsy blurred ones and the outtakes. You won't get EVERY shot but you'll be getting every moment that is deliverable. 

Starting in February of 2024, we'll be offering travel for a flat fee of $500 to Chicago and be relocated to Sacramento. There will be no travel fees for San Francisco or Sacramento. 

If you're having me for a couples session of any variety, you'll want me to arrive at least one day beforehand to avoid delays or account for potential missed connections. Lodging somewhere nearby is require for the time spent in town doing the work. Two days is encouraged for travel within America.  

do I have to pay travel fees?

What about lodging?

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