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Second Shooter FAQ

How to Be a Decent Second Shooter


1. Shoot selectively on your down time, shoot rapidly during important events. 
2. Tell people we’ve worked together for years, not a couple of times. 
3. Watch your language, dress as a professional, and act as lead when I’m not there.
4. Be creative, but get the safe stuff first. 
5. Be outgoing, we want them to remember us as a team that’s fun to work with!
6. If I’m shooting wide, shoot tight. Vice versa. Your providing a second perspective.
7. Don’t ever shoot behind me unless we’re shooting the kiss. 
8. Tell me your ideas! Don’t feel like you can’t speak up, we’re in this together. 
9. Keep a straight face when conflict arises. Someone has to. 
10. Never hand out your own cards, I will provide you with some of mine to hand out.



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